COVID-19 Safe Distance Learning Policy

Coronavirus disease

NB: We would like to re-assure our clients that our trainers are promoting a safe and hygienic environment in the training room when delivering training. This will include delegates regularly being asked to wipe their hands with alcohol based sanitiser. When carrying out CPR on the manikins the trainer has Alcohol wipes, trionic wipes and CPR Face shields as advised by our awarding body.

At present, the UK Government have made the provision that, during this period of strict lockdown, all learners should be able to access education. As the delivery of regulated qualifications falls under the description of “education”, our industry is able to continue operating – however it must do so under strict safety requirements.

In relation to First Aid training – the HSE and DfE have not relaxed their rules on maintaining adequate first aid provision in the workplace. Therefore, whenever an employer needs to maintain mandatory first aid provision by sending a first aider on a relevant first aid training course (whether on furlough leave or not), this should be the primary driver behind Centres continuing to deliver training courses during the forecasted 1-month lockdown period.

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